The Sidebar Quartet

The Sidebar Quartet is our house jazz group, giving us smooth crisps delights each week.


This week: When the work week starts, the Sidebar Jazz Quartet hits the road the next day.


This week: Overseas breezes and eastern promises decorate the erratic luscious tune runes.


This week: The Sidebar Quartet slides into a festive mood with a little suspicious dealings.


This week: Rushing towards the end will never solve a problem, and the Sidebar Quartet is one for problem solving.


This week: A renegade soloist threatens to tear apart the fabric of The Sidebar Quartet and space time itself.


This week: Music turns dark as The Sidebar Quartet explores their relationships on a more paternal level.


This week: A head-banging-against-a-wall tune to go along with that early seasonal depression.


This week: The erection of an artificial edifice to sacrifice to the titans of jazz.


This week: The Sidebar Quartet gets juicy and fluid with each other's musical instruments.


This week: A little less conversation and a little more action is what the Quartet needed to grunt this one out.


This week: The Sidebar Quartet drops all pretenses and gets dirtier than a groundhog in February in this visceral and plentiful blast.


This week: The Sidebar Quartet springs into action with acrobatics and yoga to wring this spry step from an old tune.


This week: A patriotic remembrance of Eleanor Roosevelt's coveted biscuit recipe.


This week: The Sidebar Quartet employs zookeepers and falconers with diabetes to create this dynamo performance of sublime melancholy.


This week: The Sidebar Quartet tackles transsexuality and Canadian Goose migration across North America.


This week: Scat, soul, and interdimensional guitar riffs quantify this early version of The Sidebar Quartet's next chapter.


This week: The Sidebar Quartet travels back to Ancient Egypt to summon The Heartbeat of Anubis's Industry.


This week: The Sidebar Quartet reinvents jazz with new wave music and pop culture references.


This week: The Sidebar Quartet embarks on a wild new chapter as the members trade instruments.


This week: Taking a cue from their visual arts contemporaries, the Sidebar Quartet delves deep into their stomach channeling the hunger that is jazz.


This week: Reaching out of their comfort zone, the Sidebar Quartet strikes a new key in this genre defining hit.


This week: Nordic roots and modern Eastern European aesthetics shine through in this instant classic.


This week: Cuban influences, smoky backrooms, with a pickleback finish.


This week: The Sidebar Quartet explores classical jazz and their roots as they celebrate their first performance in our studio.