Harmony Drive

Harmony Drive is a virtual reality soap opera created by David Irawicz of Computer World Magazine. All Rights Reserved.


The Robichaud’s

  • Hutch Robichaud (45)

  • Kay Robichaud (41)

  • Tara Robichaud (16)

  • Downs Robichaud (14)

Old Man Conwyn

The CEO of Conwyn Enterprises.

Housekeeper Phillipa

Everyone’s housekeeper.

Intern Ray

The intern.


The handyman with a hard dick


Local Danger Guy.

Dr. Bjorn Halliburton

The evil genius with lofty ambitions.

Ricardo the Restaurant Owner

Suave, with a mysterious past.

The Rafferty’s

  • Kip Rafferty (44)

  • Ava Rafferty (39)

  • Hot Shit Rafferty (17)

  • Wise Grandma Evangeline (80)

The Widow Indra

The seductive widow.


Bloody Sarah’s Boyfriend. Conwyn Employee.

Bloody Sarah

Jupp’s girlfriend. Bleeds everywhere.

Stable Boy Brody

Local stable boy and mischief doer.

Real Estate Agent Hastings

The hottest woman in Harmony Drive.

Nurse Scrubs

The busiest nurse in town.

Next week on Harmony Drive: Downs has his moments. Ricardo suavely dances. Grandma Evangeline is wise.


Next week on Harmony Drive: Koosh loses his pants. Hot Shit does hot shit. Bloody Sarah bleeds. Lazlo does dangerous things.