Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

American Songwriter: Sage

guest Heather Gottlieb

HOST sebastian morales

American Songwriter columnist Sage talks her article "Why The Radio Kills Music", and discusses why the radio kills music, farm life as an inspiration for her music, and how to grow a Chinese wheat heroin empire.

Tuesday, may 28th, 2019

Skyd Magazine: Harrold Higgins

guest Sam Horwitz

host CLint myers-Novak

Harrold Higgins of Skyd Magazine talks about his latest health Op Ed "Plantar Frisbee-itis", international epidemics, and the merits of the Lord of the Rings series as a historical account of New Zealand.

Tuesday, may 21st, 2019

Cigar Afficionado: Stan and Jeff Jeffturban

guest Travis Harrington

host Sebastian Morales

Stan Jeffturban comes by the talk about his article "The Cigarette Tourist", but his son Jeff Jeffturban finishes the interview 9 months later.

Tuesday, may 7th, 2019

Architecture Magazine: M. Marty Madigan

guest julian barnett

host CLint myers-Novak

M. Marty Madigan, of Madilcorn and Kobbledick fame, talks his article “Tourretial Downpour: Waterproofing in Inclement Weather”, and covers his Chutes and Ladders building, drugging his children, and why you should put everything on wheels.

Tuesday, april 23rd, 2019

QSR Magazine: Jeremy Finkman

guest Martin Morrow

host CLint myers-Novak

Jeremy Finkman from QSR Magazine talks his new secret article “Who’s Schnitzeling My Weiner?” He also breaks down meat gangs, cock meat fighting, and why you should always talk to your fast food before diving in.

Tuesday, april 16th, 2019

Super Street Magazine: Quan Davos

guest john patrick daly

host Sebastian Morales

Drift artist, tire enthusiast, and part-time mime Quan Davos comes by the talk about his love of rubber tires, human evolution, and The Legend Addie Harper.

monday, april 1st, 2019

GRAND Magazine: Barney Myers-Novak

guest: julian barnett

host: CLint myers-Novak

Clint’s grandfather Barney “Barnacle Rick” Myers-Novak talks about his article “Back in the Day: Modern Translations for the Modern Octogenarian”, violence helping relationships, pyramid schemes, and how to convince your grandson that there is treasure in every corner.

monday, february 25th, 2019

Thrasher Magazine: Gazza Devitt

guest Jonathan Cooke

host Sebastian Morales

Skater and journalist Gazza Devitt talks his article “Around The World in Sk8ty Days", and shines a light on the Denny Circuit, the Dalai Lama’s Avril Lavigne obsession, and his six year stint on the Aryan Union’s skate team.

monday, february 18th, 2019

RENT Magazine: Marty Fiore

guest: Kyle Morrison

host: CLint myers-Novak

Landlord Marty Fiore from RENT Magazine reveals secrets about his article “How To Get Your Tenants To Like You”, and talks feudal systems, 9/11 as an inside job, and the various Donny’s that popped out of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

monday, february 11th, 2019

AARP The Magazine: Rob Landros

guest Jason King

host Sebastian Morales

Rob Landros, with his monthly article “The Hidden Dangers of Adventuring Alone”, talks about wheelchair companions, Walgreens Senior Centers, and how AARP The Magazine is getting its recognition in the NFL combine.

monday, february 4th, 2019

Witches and Pagans Magazine: Terrain Tarot

guest: Kate O’Boyle

host: CLint myers-Novak

Terrain Tarot from Witches and Pagans brings us up to 21st Century witchcraft with her article “Pagan Perineum: Mistress of the In Between", past life regressive therapy, and her upcoming music album The Dentata In Me.

monday, january 28th, 2019

High Times: Cody Banks

guest Kristian Lugo

host Sebastian Morales

Canadian Weed Dispenser Cody Banks talks his article “Maple Leaf” with High Times, dealings with meeses, and the different mediums through which you can get stoned out of your mind.

monday, january 21st, 2019

Car and Driver Magazine: Marf Torsley

guest: Jason Klamm

host: CLint myers-Novak

Ex racer and pioneer of the Marf technique Marf Torsley gives the run down on his article “Staycartion: Vacationing in You Car While Staying at Home”, talking about submersible cars, driving from the trunk, and his deep blood feud with Matt LeBlanc.

monday, january 14th, 2019

The Progressive Farmer: Kane Sugarman

guest john patrick daly

host Sebastian Morales

Kane Sugarman, author of the article “Field of GMOs” from The Progressive Farmer, talks his upcoming book “Cropland”, plant feelings, and how Monsanto is making farming better.

monday, december 3rd, 2018

Dear Doctor Magazine: Dr. Dorothy Jackson

guest: Naomi Murden

host: CLint myers-Novak

Dentist with a capital “D” Dr. Dorothy Jackson from Dear Doctor Magazine reveals all about her article “Oral Care for Healthy Infants”, her upcoming Shonda Rhimes show, and how to steal wisdom from dinosaur teeth.

monday, november 26th, 2018

Model Airplane Magazine: Amelia Airhard

guest Dave Fein

host Sebastian Morales

Model train enthusiast Amelia Airhard from Model Airplane News tells all about his years in the Playboy Mansion, the future of drones, and his famous time on the World War One War Train.

monday, november 19th, 2018

The Sidebar Podcast Recap: Side B

host: CLint myers-Novak and sebastian morales

The Sidebar Recap Side A featuring: Strew Bennington from Week 20, Manny Provoloné from Week 19, Kurt Davies from Week 5, Noah Hercules from Week 16, Monk Dambe Sawa from Week 13, and Diljar Gunnarsson from Week 17.

monday, november 12th, 2018

The Sidebar Podcast Recap: Side A

host: CLint myers-Novak and sebastian morales

The Sidebar Recap Side A featuring: Andy Slaughter from Week 15, Luis “Damage” Lopez from Week 6, Magenta Lee from Week 11, Theodore Featherstone from Week 12, Kyle Kavanaugh from Week 18, and Jack Coolidge from Week 21.

monday, november 5th, 2018

Imbibe Magazine: Jack Coolidge

guest: Adam Macy

host: CLint myers-Novak

Jack Coolidge from Imbibe Magazine talks his article "On the Scene", indigenous drinking cultures, and Orwellian mind control cocktails.

monday, october 29th, 2018

Babybug Magazine: Strew Bennington

guest Kale Hills

host Sebastian Morales

Strew Bennington, a contributor to Babybug with his article "SAD: Stay At-Home Dad", tells us how to be a good stay at home dad, his much more successful wife, and the upcoming Pedophile Survivor show filmed at his house.

monday, october 22nd, 2018

Climbing Magazine: Manny Provoloné

guest: Oscar Montoya

host: CLint myers-Novak

Manny Provoloné from Climbing Magazine talks how to keep it real while climbing, being vegan, and attending Rockwarts, the climbing school that is not at all the same as Harry Potter.

monday, october 15th, 2018

SciFi Now: Kyle Kavanaugh

guest Travis Harrington

host Sebastian Morales

Kyle Kavanaugh from SciFi Now talks to ghosts on his ghost phone, tells tales of ghosts hunts, and the spectral sex trade.


monday, september 24th, 2018

Runner’s World: Diljar Gunnarsson

guest: Jayse O’Brien

host: CLint myers-Novak

Diljar Gunnarsson from Runner's World talks his article "Running Without Boundaries", the Tarahummara tribes, viking ancestry, and toe names.

monday, september 17th, 2018

Guitar World: Andy Slaughter

guest john patrick daly

host Sebastian Morales

Andy Slaughter from Guitar World comes on to talk about heavy metal culture, sound wave therapy, and Slash's extracurricular habits.

monday, september 10th, 2018

Flower Magazine: Peter McNair

guest julian barnett

host CLint myers-Novak

Peter McNair from Flower Magazine gives advice on alternative high end function decorating, the dangers of all flowers and bees, and how to plan a celebrity party without injuring anyone.


tuesday, september 4th, 2018

Philosophy Now Magazine: Monk Dambe Sawa

guest Soon Jun

host Sebastian Morales

Monk Dambe Sawa from Philosophy Now Magazine talks his article "Meditation 101 - Self Pleasure and Lasting Happiness", monk fights, and the real reason Kim Jong Un wants you to keep touching yourself.

monday, august 27th, 2018

Field & Stream Magazine: Theodore Featherstone

guest Alex Salem

host CLint myers-Novak

Theodore Featherstone with his article "Fishing vs. Phishing" in Field & Stream Magazine, talks Phish concerts, Moby, and treasure hunts for hairy whales.

monday, august 20th, 2018

Outlaw Biker Magazine: Magenta Lee

guest Ashley Hovde

host Sebastian Morales

Magenta Lee from Outlaw Biker Magazine talks dating rituals, John Travolta biker gangs, and motorcycle exorcisms.

monday, august 13th, 2018

O, The Oprah Magazine: Leslie Fogleherst

guest Travis Harrington

host CLint myers-Novak

Leslie Fogleherst, with his article "Easy Fixes for What and Who Ails You" from O, The Oprah Magazine, talks home remedies, prison stints, and rat fights.

monday, august 6th, 2018

Card Player Magazine: Jean Simmons

guest Pauline Miliotis

host Sebastian Morales

Card Player Magazines Jean Simmons, with her article "Fake 'N Bank: Maintaining a Successful Poker Face Online", deals us advice on poker, New Jersey, how to give good face, and Lady Gaga's emails.

monday, july 30th, 2018

Modern Dog Magazine: Stetson DeWitt

guest julian barnett

host CLint myers-Novak

Dog behaviorist and animal trainer Stetson Dewitt talks technique, "The Bark", and his upcoming book, Dog Day Afternoon.

monday, july 23rd, 2018

Guns and Ammo Magazine: Jeremy Tarr

guest john patrick daly

host Sebastian Morales

Jeremy Tarr from Guns and Ammo Magazine talks about gun control, Keith Urban, and the tech wars happening under our noses.

monday, july 16th, 2018

Better Homes and Gardens: Luis "Damage" Lopez

guest julian barnett

host CLint myers-Novak

Talking about his popular Better Homes and Gardens article "Damage Control", Luis "Damage" Lopez breaks down his Bboy style of home decoration, The Renovation Crew, and ghost carpenters.

monday, july 9th, 2018

Computer World: David Irawicz

guest julian barnett

host CLint myers-Novak

Computer World's David Irawicz talks about his blog, VR Vector, a pantless Mark Zuckerberg, speedy elephants, and the future of VR technology.


Civil War Monitor: Dr. Kurt Davies

guest john patrick daly

host Sebastian Morales

Doctor Kurt Davies of the Civil War Monitor talks war reenactments, photography, and the Triangular Laosian Slave Kitten trade.

monday, july 2nd, 2018

Wakeboarding Magazine: Simma Donna

guest julian barnett

host CLint myers-Novak

Wakeboard legend and Wakeboarding Magazine contributor Simma Donna tells us about his workout regime and how he stayed on top of the wake game for so long.

monday, june 25th, 2018

Skymall Magazine: Barry Tate

guest john patrick daly

host Sebastian Morales

Barry Tate from Skymall Magazine talks to The Sidebar about fashion for travelers on the go, luggage tricks, and Sir David Attenborough's animal hunting.

monday, june 11th, 2018

Dance Magazine: Dimitri 

guest john patrick daly

host Sebastian Morales

A frequent contributor to Dance Magazine with his article 'Tanets', Dimitri talks about the highs and lows of staging a timeless classic, Peer Gynt, and choreographing for the first time.